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Get Access to ALL the Professor's Sudoku Mastery Courses

  • The entire course library to take you from Beginner to Master
  • Instant Access to the secrets behind the best Sudoku training

Access to the Club Dashboard & Archives

  • Pre-stocked with lessons
  • Tips, Lessons, Walk-throughs & more
  • Put the knowledge to work right away

Fresh Lessons, Tips and Pointers Added Every Month

  • New lessons delivered 2x / month
  • Advanced topics, tips & tricks
  • Get better & enjoy Sudoku more

Full Access to the Exclusive Puzzle Library of over 600 Puzzles and Growing!

  • Puzzles curated specifically for club members
  • Rate the puzzles yourself
  • Comment, exchange ideas, get help and give help

Access to the Private Facebook Group where You can Get Help and Give Help

  • Join the community of like-minded Sudoku enthusiasts
  • Share stories with other players
  • Communicate without confusion

Learn Even More with Access to all Current & Future Mini-Courses

  • Tips, Strategies, and Techniques for solving Sudoku faster and having fun while doing it
  • Discover the power of approaching your puzzles from different angles

Only $97 per year!
This Price Strictly Limited to the First 5,000 Members to Join!

"I have been able to do more puzzles with the program"

John Yeo

"...if it wasn't for [the club] I wouldn't be able to do the simple, and medium Sudoku."

Sheila Letern

"[With] the Professor's Club ... I am reaching goals I never thought possible."

Charles Sights

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

Put the Club through the paces for the next 60 days.  If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with the Sudoku Professor's Insider's Club, just let us know (by sending us an email), and we'll refund 100% of your membership price.

What Do Club Members Get?

"Chad, I'm just telling you the truth ... It's been worth every penny ..."

- Rob

#1: All Mastery Courses and Mini-Courses

Instant Access to Our Full Catalogue

  • The Entire Core Course Library At Your Fingertips

    Club members have exclusive access to the Bachelor's, Master's, and
    Doctorate Solving Systems to dominate almost every puzzle! 

  • All Mini-Courses Included

    Further your Sudoku knowledge with the Master's Prep and Mistake Eliminator courses,
    the Pattern Solving Deep Dive Module, the Double Overlapping Pairs Module,
    and the Doubles Dead-End Solution Module!

  • No Limit to What You Can Learn!

    With the Professor's Club All-Access Pass there's no barriers to your success in Sudoku!

  • An $1,100+ Value!

    This benefit alone is worth over $1,100 and growing as we continue to
    add more courses and lessons!

  • Locked in Savings

    As long as your remain a member, your membership price will never go up!

"I am having powerful changes in how I think and solve not only here but everywhere."



Happy senior woman with laptop computer. Isolated over white bac

"I have definitely benefited from Professor's Club membership. My puzzle-solving skills have improved dramatically."

-Norman Cooper

"...this has helped my solving confidence so that I am ... solving some puzzles ... at the higher difficulty level"

Jack Merkel

Only 27 cents per day

"The costs are not at all expensive, considering what you are going to learn for the REST OF YOUR LIFE"

Franz Shoaf

San Antonio

"We are in our 80s and were uncertain about investing in your program. Now, I am very happy I did."


Ralph Maus

"I particularly enjoy reading my associates' responses [to] the comments"

- Bob Mortensen

#2: A Fantastic Community of Like-Minded Sudoku Enthusiasts

Make Friends and Have Fun Connecting, Learning, and Helping

  • Trade Puzzles & Strategies

    Share your puzzles, so other members get to enjoy the puzzle and offer help 

  • Share Successes

    Did you just solve a puzzle that's been dogging you? 
    Let other members celebrate with you!

  • Share Struggles

    When life gets in the way, share in a safe environment with
    folks who are having similar experiences.

  • Communicate without Confusion

    This private group is full of helpful, like-minded players, who
    understand the Professor's terminology and can explain it
    without judgment.

  • Catch a Spur of the Moment Lesson

    The Professor will jump on live in the private Facebook
    community with a valuable lesson you can watch now or later.

  • And More!

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"When I have problems with club puzzles ... I can go back to the Club and find out what I am doing wrong."


Two Senior Couples Sitting At Table And Working With Laptop

It Only Takes 60 Seconds

"I'm delighted that I solved this puzzle yesterday. Felt terrific to solve it, so I wanted to share."


Laurie Schatzberg

"You send out nine puzzles every two weeks that are so much fun. "


Dorrie Wood

"I like the Professor's Club, as it gives me a way to develop past the lessons."

- Bob Mortensen

#3: Club Archives, Video Lessons & Walkthroughs

Member’s Only Lessons Include:

  • Tips for Quick Success

    So you can win more puzzles, more quickly!

  • Tricks to Get Through Tough Puzzles

    Situational lessons to help you breeze through harder puzzles

  • Pre-stocked with Lessons

    Get started right away.  No need to wait!

  • Fresh Lessons Not Found Anywhere

    All new content that gives you more insight and more help!

  • Handheld Walkthroughs and Guidance

    Never get confused or stuck on a lesson

  • Access to All Courses and Mini-Courses

    Get access to every course the Professor has in his catalogue!
    Hundreds of puzzles and hours of lessons!

  • And More!

Benefit 1c
Benefit 1 - Praise 2b
Benefit 1 - Praise

"I very much enjoy and appreciate the Professor's Club. ...excellent learning resources"

Dave Herring

"Thanks for your simple, easy to understand teachings!!!!! I love them!!!!!"

Jennell Greer

"I am enjoying your videos and puzzles. The video on Sunday was neat"

Maryann Atkinson

"I appreciate your illustrating the simple way to then solve Bob's puzzle"

- Laurence

#4: Monthly Content Updates

New Lessons and Tips:

  • New Lessons Added 2 Times a Month

    A steady supply of great information 

  • Exclusive Member’s Only Content

    Not available outside the club

  • Simple Solving Videos

    Quick and easy lessons for your daily solving

  • Puzzle Walkthroughs

    In depth, hand held instruction for guaranteed learning

  • Advanced topics, tricks & tips

    Learn to solve harder Sudoku better and faster 

  • And More!


"many thanks for this puzzle, Professor; the most interesting I have come across to date"


London, England

"Thanks so much for showing me what I missed!"



"I like the Professor's Club and go there often. Many good tips and ideas."


Robert Webb

"I was totally confused about the double C/R elimination until I watched your video [in the club]"

Fred Hall

"Every instructional strategy, every suggestion, and every idea has really made a difference."

Merle Sweet

Madison, WI

"...during the Webinars, you interact with the participants and
answer our questions right on the spot.  Just fabulous!"

- Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

#5: Get Live Help

Ask The Sudoku Professor Your Questions

  • Ask The Professor Questions Directly

    Unfiltered answers to your questions 

  • Webinars for Members Only!

    New topics and techniques supply a steady diet of Sudoku solving knowledge!

  • Be the First to See New Techniques

    Cutting edge solving techniques and the latest developments from Sudoku Professor

  • Get Help in Real Time

    Ask the Professor your questions live

  • Recordings Added to The Members Area

    Can't tune in live?  No problem! Access all the recordings with your membership

  • And More!

Webinar image

"Your videos of the solutions and other members comments help explain the solving process."


"[The] “Live” classroom is a terrific vehicle."


Megan de Roulet

"during the Webinars, you interact with the participants and answer our questions right on the spot.  Just fabulous!"



"I'm a club member who listen in on webinars. Now doing Sudoku is fun and exciting."

Siri Fernando Edmonton

Alberta, Canada

"Without the challenge in your club webinar, I doubt I would have focused on this ... technique"



"I have just attended your Webinar. Great! Loved it and the technique!"



"I had to drop you a line and let you know that your last webinar was the best yet."

Gene Rothert

"Really enjoyed today’s webinar and can’t wait to try this technique."


Ed Nathan

"I really like the puzzle library and have solved quite a few of the puzzles."

- Sheena Balfour

#6: Private Member’s Only Puzzle Library

100’s of Private Puzzles

  • Created in house at Sudoku Professor

    Puzzles not available anywhere else, created just for club members!

  • Puzzles Creates Specifically for Members

    High quality puzzles that are solvable by Sudoku Professor techniques 

  • New Puzzles Added Every 2 Weeks

    Freshly created. Available directly in your members area. Never run out of fun!

  • Rate the Difficulty Yourself

    No more incorrectly rated puzzles.  Get accurate ratings that make sense.

  • Get Help

    Stumped on a Puzzle?  Ask your fellow players specifically how to solve it. 

  • Give Help

    Someone else stumped?  Share you knowledge and advice and become their hero!

  • And More!

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What Club Members Are Saying

"I love that I invested in the program and in the club." - Alphie

"Thanks to ... the club experiences, we are benefiting from healthy brain/mind exercise."

- Chuck

"Thanks for developing your program. Your lessons have literally saved my life."

- Sandy M.

"You are always concerned about your students.  You try to make everything easy for your students."

- Dorcas Wood

FB Praise Collage

"You have changed, for the better, how I attack a puzzle."

- Joe Stahl

"It’s ...been fun to interact with other members, as we send each other puzzles"

- Gary Frieden, Ph.D.

"Everything I know about Sudoku I owe to your classes."

- Dolores

Don’t just take their word for it...

Here’s a small sample of the Club Content.



More Praise for the Insider’s Club

"I struggled for a year with Frank Longo’s Absolutely Nasty Sudoku series. Now I’m sailing through the last 100."

- Ralph Maus

"Without the Professor I would not have reached the level of Sudoku competence I have achieved."

- Merle Sweet, Madison, WI

"With the knowledge I have gained from the lessons, I am now regularly solving Nikoli puzzles labeled 'very hard'."

- Anne Ensminger, Covington, GA

"I enjoyed the webinar today.   You are providing us with stellar service and support."

- Sharon Plett 

"I'm listening to the replay of the webinar, it is so reassuring to know that you make mistakes too!"

- Helen

"I have enjoyed the professors club immensely, particularly the webinars."

- Eric Lincke

"I found May 7 and 21 Webinars about Pattern Solving and I am now able to solve puzzles faster."

- Raúl

"I’ve so enjoyed your frequent Webinars, as well as being able to contact you for your thoughts on specific puzzle techniques."

- Gary 

"as a 82 year old to have access to this material is a great privilege."

- Jim Catto in Johannesburg South Africa   

Seriously - People Love the Club!

Post Praise 1

"...there is something for everybody"

- Chas. Donnelly, UK

"the Sudoku Professor Club is always available to me when I need a lesson review."

- David O'Brien

"I like the Professor's Club for the webinars, the instructional posts and especially for the puzzle library."

- Jack Merkel

"This is one of the most enjoyable sites on the web"

- Jim Catto in Johannesburg South Africa   

"the Sudoku Professor Club is always available to me when I need a lesson review."

- David O'Brien

"Many thanks for your extraordinary Sudoku resources and your engagement with your student customers"

- Laurie

All These People Can’t Be Wrong!

"This is one of the most enjoyable sites on the web"

- Jim Catto in Johannesburg South Africa   

"Your techniques have made me amazingly better."

- Ed Nathan

"Thanks to your lessons I find myself completing Nikoli Extreme Very Difficult puzzles with ease."

- Keith

Post Praise 2

"I love learning new ways to solve."

- Karen

"I enjoy the webinars and think it is a great addition to the whole series."

- John Bosch

"I am a fan of the Professor’s club... and highly recommend others become members"

- Barry Anderson

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

Put the Club through the paces for the next 60 days.  If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with the Sudoku Professor's Insider's Club, just let us know (by sending us an email), and we'll refund 100% of your membership price.

For details, refer to the Club Terms & Conditions.